September Birthstone ~ Sapphire

We have reached the start of fall folks!

Have you had your first pumpkin spice latte? (Basic, I know!)

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch yet (in Florida that means your local grocery store has put down some hay and created a faux farm experience for you)?

My favorite things about September are the changing weather, even if very slightly, and SAPPHIRES!

Did you know that sapphires come in all colors and when they reach a certain color of red they are rubies? The most desirable color is probably blue but it is nice to have such a durable stone available in any color you fancy.

One particularly famous blue sapphire is the one that Princess Kate wears as her wedding ring. It was originally from Princess Diana. Sapphires are an excellent choice for an everyday piece such as an engagement ring or wedding ring because of their resilience. They are second only to diamond for their hardness.

Here are some other fun facts about sapphires:

~Sapphire is Greek for Blue

~Sapphire is one of the “precious four” which also includes red ruby, green emerald, and diamonds (that’s a good group to be in association with!)

~ Sapphire has industry use because of its hardness. Apple recently used lab-created sapphire in its glass screen.

~ Sapphire, particularly the royal blue color, has been associated with royalty – hence its name

~ There are even special types of sapphires such as the star sapphire and color change sapphire

Because sapphire has been so desired among the masses, cultured sapphires and imitation sapphires were created. Keep in mind that when created sapphires hit the market, they were viewed as an advancement in sparkling science. Created sapphires make it possible for everyone to enjoy their beauty and not just the royals. Synthetic sapphires feature some synthetic counter parts but virtually the same physical and chemical components as a natural sapphire, they were just assisted in a lab by man to make them “grow”.

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Gemstone Engagement Rings ~& one of my favorite pieces in our Etsy store right now

I have always been obsessed with the royals, even though I am not English or from England. Maybe it is the glamorous fashion, the living in a castle full time, or wearing a crown on a random Tuesday; I am convinced that I should have royal blue blood in my veins.


Being in the jewelry industry for most of my life, I have come into contact with many sparkly things. I have my favorites that I lust over as they come and go. I often get enchanted by a diamond that is completely flawless, or a vintage piece with a history, or a gemstone ring that I fantasize may have been a part of the crown jewels. This week I want to highlight one of my favorite pieces in our store right now. Behold this blue sapphire engagement ring!!! ~~




This ring has had me captivated since it first came up for sale and was photographed. It just screams royalty to me! It has a natural, oval faceted cut, blue sapphire in the center with a double halo of diamonds gently encircling it. The sides of the halo have an open infinity type shank that compliments the halo nicely. This particular sapphire has been certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) by a graduate gemologist and weighs 3.10cts. It has a deep but lively blue color that is rich and eye-catching. The diamonds are a high quality to add a touch more sparkle to the exquisite sapphire. The setting is crafted from luxurious 18K white gold. I may not have been born into the royal family but this ring would sure make any girl feel like a princess.

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If you are thinking about a possible gemstone ring for your engagement or wedding ring like Princess Kate, bear in mind that dark blue is a very versatile color. Again, I am obsessed with the princess’ every move and fashion choice. I have seen her wear tailored suits, formal ball gowns, low key casual dresses, and even jeans. All the while her sapphire ring is just dazzling away and complimenting her wide range of wardrobe choices. The dark blue color looks elegant with other blue pallets, but also blends well with greens, black, reds, yellows and even pinks. I don’t know if we are ready to accept blue as a neutral yet but it is safe to say that sapphire blue will find an easy home among your day-to-day clothing colors!


If you don’t know about our store, we do offer a wide range of estate and vintage pieces. Our pieces have a story and a history, but are ready to have a new life with you. Our pieces are all inspected and evaluated by our GIA trained Accredited Jewelry Professionals and our master jeweler cleans and polishes each piece by hand to make sure it is ready to take your breath away! Take a look at this “favorite” of mine by clicking here. Please follow our weekly blog and favorite us on Etsy to stay up to date on new treasures that we post daily! Thank you for reading and Happy Friday!


Gemstones Are ALSO a Girl’s Best Friend

All of us have heard the saying that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” I cannot disagree with this.  I picture diamonds as your long term, faithful, there to bring you soup when you’re sick, and there to host your bridal shower, type of best friend. Whereas gemstones are your fiery, out spoken, show up at your door with tickets to Vegas, life of the party, type of best friend. Let’s just say that a girl needs both! Gemstones can light up a room, can convey emotion with their depth of color, and can add a splash of luminosity to make an outfit memorable. Personally, colored stones tie in with seasons of the year too. Nothing says spring time and Easter like a gorgeous Amethyst. Fourth of July calls for hot dogs, fireworks and rubies! When the air starts to turn to a slight chill, pumpkin pie is in the oven, and golden Citrine can warm your heart. When Christmas morning comes and it’s time to head over to your in-laws’ house, pull out those emerald earrings, and cozy red sweater! Gemstones are fun and versatile! You can even play around with complimenting color palettes too. For example, blue sapphire looks regal paired with a burgundy dress, sunny topaz looks great worn as a neutral with any leopard print accessories, and emeralds go with anything of course. Gemstones have been referred to as “precious” for centuries even dating back to the Bible. This endearing title is due to the amazing fact that mother nature created these organic beauties that are eye candy for us mere mortals. If you have not ventured out to color please let us be the first to encourage you to take that leap. Spice up your jewelry wardrobe with a colorful new best friend. You won’t regret it!


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