June Fun Facts, Birthstone Info, and a “Start of Summer” Fun Manual

Happy first month of summer. Is it the school kid in me that even after 15 years I still get so excited for summer break? I don’t really take a “break” from anything and don’t really plan any fun vacations for this month but it still has an underlying feeling of FREEDOM! The days are longer, the flowers are blooming, and there seems to be more energy to do fun projects.


hello june


The month of June hosts Donut Day, Best Friends Day, Iced Tea Day, Flip Flop Day, Father’s Day, First Day of Summer, and Sunglasses Day. I don’t know about you but I can get excited to celebrate any and all of those days. Check out the list of other days to celebrate in June.




June’s birthstone is the pearl. What a gorgeous birthstone to complement your first start to a tan and your vibrant bright clothes.


“Who comes with summer to this earth

And owes to June her hour of birth,

A pearl should wear against her skin

Whose innocence many a heart shall win”



Legends and Traditions of Pearls:


– Wearing pearls on the day of your wedding promises marital bliss and blessing

– Ideal present for newborn babies and for 1st, 3rd, 12th, & 30th anniversaries

– Heidi Klum, Nicole Kidman, and Angelina Jolie share this birthstone

– The process of building a pearl can take up to 7 or 8 years

– The Latin word for pearl means “unique” – – every pearl is different

– Pearl is also an old fashioned feminine first name that may be making a come back


Here are some other Pearls facts straight from the authority of gems, GIA:




Pearls come in an array of gorgeous jewelry, here are a few of my new found favorites that complement a wide range of styles:


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If you are a blogger like me and are hitting a little writer’s block since the sunshine is beckoning you outside, here is a list of blog prompts that I found helpful.




And when hitting up your local farmer’s market, be sure to check out June’s seasonal delicious veggies and fruits.




Thank you for reading and check out our Pinterest board here for more June fun facts and actives.  Happy Friday!

June’s Birthstone ~ Pearl

Pearls are one of June’s claimed birthstones. Unlike other birthstones that come from minerals, pearls are organic and created from living beings. This special miracle of Mother-nature starts inside a mussel or oyster. When an irritant lodges itself inside the shell, there is a calcium carbonate build up along with other proteins that form around the irritant creating the pearl. Natural pearls are found all over the world including places like Australia, Japan, Central America, the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Madagascar, Burma, the Philippines, Tahiti, Fiji, and South America. Natural river pearls are found in Asia, Europe, and North America. Natural pearls are rare and expensive thus cultured pearls have become popular as a way to supply the demand for the luxurious beauties.  Cultured pearls are formed when humans assist the process by placing the irritant directly inside the shell. These different types of developments both result in a pearl. Another way to think about it is getting ice from your freezer or getting ice from an iceberg in Antarctica. Ice is ice. Both processes whether natural or helped along by man, produces the luster of a shiny pearl that does not need to be cut or polished. Interestingly enough, one easy way of determining if a pearl is genuine or imitation is to gently rub it against your teeth. If you feel a gritty type of texture, you have a real pearl on your hands. A smooth texture will mean that you have an imitation pearl. Pearls are a recognized status symbol of glamour. From being a primary feature in films such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to being a classic accessory to be worn on brides, pearls have and will always be in style. The other beautiful attribute of pearls is that they look flattering on every skin tone. Pearl earrings are considered classy in the business world and in the romantic world. A pearl strand necklace is the perfect gift for a graduate starting at the ground floor of building their dreams and is also the perfect gift for a mother celebrating her 60th birthday. A pearl ring, although delicate and fragile, would be a prized possession for a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or for a grandmother on Mother’s Day. So even if you are not one of the lucky ones celebrating a birthday this month, you can still adorn yourself with one of nature’s prized natural wonders. To help you start your pearl collection we are offering 20% on pearl jewelry this month on our Etsy site. Just use “APPRECIATION20” at checkout to receive your discount.

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