Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

This weekend is the day to celebrate our dads. Whether you are a mom purchasing a sweet token for your infant children to give to their father, giving to your grandfather, or on a budget… we have you covered with this gift giving guide. You can even shop directly from our blog to our favorite Etsy stores by clicking on the corresponding links provided with each gift. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads, granddads, and single moms out there and thank you for being your kids’ first hero!


Gifts Under $25

  • Personalized hammer for the handy dad (click here to shop)hammer.jpg
  • Personalized grill utensils for the chef dad (click here to shop)grill
  • Star Wars dad mug (click here to shop)star wars
  • Hand stamped fishing lure for the fisherman (click here to shop)fish
  • Custom money clip (click here to shop)money clip


Gifts For Grandfathers

  • Grandpa mug for the coffee loving papa (click here to shop)papa mug
  • Grandpa ice cream spoon for the sweet tooth grandpa (click here to shop)spoon
  • Antique pocket watch for the grandpa that loves collectibles (click here to shop)watch.jpg
  • Personalized golf balls for the new grandfather (click here to shop)golf balls


Unique Gifts for Dad

  • Personalized docking station for the organized dad (click here to shop)dock station
  • A sleek glass photo frame for a new dad’s office desk (click here to shop)dad framw.jpg
  • Homemade grilling sauces (click here to shop)sauces.jpg
  • Gold chain necklace for a lifelong keepsake (click here to shop)chain.jpg
  • Book folded to read “DAD” gift for the artsy dad (click here to shop)Art


Gifts to Single Moms

  • “Pulling double duty” t-shirt (click here to shop)mom 3.jpg
  • Cute mug for the caffeine fueled super mom (click here and here to shop)
  • Lovely jewelry with a heart to let your mom know that she is/will always be the first holder of your heart (click here to shop)

Memorial Gifts for Dad’s that have gone to heaven

  • Keepsake pendant (click here to shop)necklace
  • A memorial picture with your beloved dad’s or granddad’s actual handwriting (click here to shop)handwriting


First Time New Dad Gifts

  • Custom drawing of daddy and baby (click here to shop)drawing
  • Engrave-able ID bracelet with baby’s birthday/weight (click here to shop)bracelet
  • Papa bear gift box set (click here to shop)Papa Bear.jpg


Thank you so much for reading and supporting Etsy stores. Happy Father’s Day!



My 5 Guilty Pleasures

I like to think that we all have those little habits or rituals that just make us tick. I have 5 major ones that just instantly put me in my happy place. I’ll share mine and I would love to hear yours…I’m always in the market to adopt a few more :o)


  • Coconut Oil

I have loved coconut since before coconut was cool. I love the smell! Not only does it has a light refreshing scent, it has many health benefits. This is the kind that I bought at Kroger.




You can literally cook with it, use it as a moisturizer or lip balm, and even put in it your hair for a hydrating lift. I seriously love this stuff. Check out this list of health benefits from using coconut oil and you might want to give it a try yourself!




  • Online shopping carts

At any given time you can search my history on my computer and go to my Etsy account, Nordstrom’s page, Impressions Boutique, or Amazon and my shopping cart will have excessive amount of goodies sitting in there. I don’t buy it all. I will put anything I “like” in there, then I will wait an hour or a day, go back, review it, and work through the process of dividing and conquering (conquering = buying). This is my absolute favorite way to shop. It’s my thing. It takes all the stress away and believe it or not, it cuts back on buyer’s remorse and returns.


  • Turquoise Jewelry

This is an obsession really. I love turquoise jewelry! The color just adds a brightness to any outfit and it just makes me feel happy. Here is a photo of my current favorite pieces!




  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

This is probably the oddest show that someone would DVR but I do. It just makes me happy. I think Anthony is one of my spirit animals. He travels to all these countries and takes in the culture but really he takes in the food. My recent favorite was his visit to Vietnam. Pho Soup anyone?!? Pho soup consists of a hearty, savory broth with rice noodles, herbs and meat (usually chicken or beef). It is just so yummy. If traditional chicken soup doesn’t do it for you when you are sick, try some pho soup from your local Vietnamese restaurant. It will NOT let you down!


See full recipe here


  • Wardrobe Capsules

Have you tried one yet? I have been thinking about writing a blog just on making a wardrobe capsule from your own closet. Basically you select a handful of items including shirts, cardigans, pants/jeans, scarves, boots/sandals and then you make an entire week or month of interchangeable outfits from those pieces. One of my favorite capsules right now is by a fellow blogger, Kelli Kroneberger. Check it out here.

Here are a few other ideas to get you going.



Check out more details here


If you don’t have the pieces you want, don’t forget to add them to your online shopping cart ;o)

6 Ways to Put an Eclectic Stamp on Your Life

6 Ways to Put an Eclectic Stamp on Your Life


My husband and I have moved four times in the last four years of marriage…with another move impending. Some of those moves were planned, others happened within a matter of weeks. Usually when people visit our house the first thing they notice is how we decorate. We get comments on how everything looks like we have lived there for years (in a good way). I believe in growing where you are planted. You shouldn’t keep all your pretties in a box until you get to your forever home. You should enjoy your “nest”. My husband and I have an eclectic style. We like color. We like complimenting items that are a mix of new and old. So I wanted to compile a little list of my tricks to bring a little eclectic style to your life.


1) Usually it starts with a rug.

I have several large area rugs from different places. Most have a bright splash of color. I tend to gravitate towards blues and greens. Here are a few examples of rugs setting the stage for a statement room.

Photo Credits: http://www.mydomaine.com and http://www.apartmenttherapy.com


2) Make a wall or shelf collage of similar items.

I can’t claim this idea as my own. I grew up in an old house that was actually two military officers’ quarters put together from Camp Blanding in Florida. Then my dad added on a sunroom and beautiful screened in porch. My dad, grandma, and aunts were artists and thus we had a lot of art to hang. Our living room wall was covered from ceiling to almost floor of a huge art wall collage. Nothing was matching, nothing really had a theme except everything was unique and colorful. My grandmother also has a take on this theme in their farmhouse. She has a large, wood, floor-to-ceiling, shelving unit that houses nothing but glassware. Here’s a few examples to get you inspired…


Photo Credits: http://designyoutrust.com/2015/01/eclectic-residence-in-france, http://www.turbulences-deco.fr and http://www.woohome.com/diy


3) Mix different patterns.

I love stripes and florals together or an interesting textile with a geometric pattern and then add in a watercolor print rug. Mixing textures and patterns instantly gives a space interest and a unique stamp to make your home your own.


Photo Credits: http://hisugarplum.com and http://www.mydomaine.com


4) Mixing jewel tones.

I do this number in both my home décor and in fashion including jewelry. I like to find pieces that have a similar feel but different rich jewel tones. Check out these two lovely antique rings.

Click Here for the Blue Ring and Here for the Purple Ring


5) Setting a mixed match table.

So my grandmother who collects the glassware also has an obsession with the flea market. She finds all kinds of treasures, some of which I get from my birthday and Christmas. Not all my plates match. Some are new, some are antique, some are fine china, and some are Depression glass. I actually like mixing together a little of everything when I set a table.


Table 1.jpg

Photo Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/-dsEAmoOOJ/


6) Eclectic personal style.

My fashion spirit animal is Zooey Deschanel. She is the epitome of refined, unique, eclectic style. She takes all my passions of mixing colors, textures, patterns and somehow manages to pull off an effortless, put together, everyday look. Check out my favorite Zooey looks.



Well I hope these little pointers give you a little colorful inspiration for this Friday. Keep on developing your personal style and keep in mind that everything goes together if YOU want it to!

Gifts and Accessories Under $100

Happy Black Friday! Did you wake up to an alarm at 3am or did you choose to just fight a crowd at 7am? I’m not sure if droves and droves of people really do the whole Black Friday “spend-the-night-in-the-parking-lot” type of craziness anymore. I even read that some retailers are just opening an hour earlier and that is it. I’m good with that. I like my sleep and have never really gotten into the whole madness of a one-and-done Friday after Thanksgiving shopping day. The only time I have been Black Friday shopping was with my mom one year, after dark, around 7pm. We went to JCPenney. The sales associates were restocking the racks, shelves, and displays for the next day. The same deals were going on and the store was empty. My mom and I took our time, browsed around at our leisure, and walked out with some amazing deals.

I am more of a cyber Monday shopper. Maybe because I like the idea of sitting in my California king bed, with a big cup of coffee, listening to CMT music, cuddled up with my dogs, and my laptop. I also love to shop with small boutique shops and have really found myself shying away from regular mega retailers. Supporting a small business online or buying from a stay-at-home mom designer makes me tick. The first place I look for gifts in on Etsy. It is just a whole world of regular people just wanting to showcase their talents or found treasures. I love the personal touches and feeling like I am a valued customer and not just another number. Maybe that is because I work for an Etsy store and we care about each individual customer. We have established relationships with folks all around the globe. We are part of special engagements, gift wrap keepsakes for surprise birthday presents, and even have return customers that we get to know personally over the years. We value our customers, each and every one. Our goal is to make each sale special!

This week I wanted to compile a list of a few gems that I have found under $100 on Etsy. These would make lovely gifts for a loved one or just a unique keepsake for yourself. I hope you find this helpful and keep in mind that Etsy is filled with one of a kind stores that are ready to help you find something amazing!

I will start with a few items from our boutique. Jewelry (like Paris) is always a good idea:

This lovely necklace is only $79! Click Here to view the listing.

Christimas ER.jpg

These Christmas inspired earrings are $99. Click Here to view the listing.

These lovely diamond studs are $99. Click Here to view the listing.

Scarves are my favorite winter time accessory. Check out some of these:


Click Here to view the listing.

Click Here to view the listing.

scarf 4.jpg

 Click Here to view the listing.

Personalized items are very popular this year and they make the gift receiver feel special.


Click Here to view the listing.


Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Here are a few options for hostess gifts if you are wanting to give something to a family member that is hosting Christmas this year.

dish towel.jpg

Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Another gift-able idea is a DIY gift craft set. This would be perfect for a family with kids or maybe a teenager who is really into design or crafty things.


Click Here to view listing.

DIY 2.jpg

Click Here to view listing.


Click Here to view listing.

Lastly, we don’t want to leave out our beloved men folk. Here are a few Etsy finds for them as well…(he’s actually won’t be that hard to shop for)

Click Here to view listing.

Guy gift.jpg

Click Here to view listing.

 Click Here to view listing.

I hope this helps open your shopping spectrum to online boutiques on Etsy. If you have a shop and want to be featured on our blog please let us know! We would love to help out a fellow designer or store owner. Happy Shopping Friends!

November Birthstone ~ Citrine & Topaz

November is a little bit of a unique month. It technically has two different birthstones. Citrine is the main birthstone, the one that most November babies claim as theirs when asked. Citrine is a gemstone that can come in many shades of “yellow”, from lemon yellow to amber brown. It is a hard to go absolutely wild about this stone if yellow is not your jam. But, it has a rich history dating it back to Roman times where they hailed it as a sunstone that channeled Mercury’s fiery power and was thought to bring wealth and success. I believe that the color of citrine can resemble the leaves of the mid-west fall. It might not be your favorite gemstone, but the color radiates warmth to counteract the chills starting to form in late fall air.

Photo Credit of Citrine: http://www.gemcoach.com/citrine-guide/

Click Here to View Listing of Citrine Ring

The other gemstone that is associated with November is topaz. Technically speaking, imperial topaz (yellowish-orange to reddish-orange) is the most expensive form of topaz and the one that is associated with November. It’s funny that many often mistake topaz for citrine. But, topaz can be treated to come in a variety of different colors. Blue topaz is often one of the most recognized colors of topaz. It rarely occurs naturally and in most cases has been treated with some form of irradiation to make its depths reflect blue. It can come in cool shades of baby blue, Swiss blue, electric blue, and even almost white blue. Blue topaz can often be mistaken for aquamarine or blue zircon and these three stones get confused with being December’s birthstone but we will get to the next month.


Photo Credit: https://nodeform.com/products/

November really gives you the option to choose warm, sunny citrine or imperial topaz as your gem or if you like cooler tones you have blue, pink, white topaz.  These two gemstones are relatively durable and affordable. When you come across a piece that you love, you can virtually wear it all the time and the price tag won’t leave you destitute for your birthday. Check out a few of my favorites…

Topaz Choices : Click Here to View Listing of Blue Topaz Ring , Click Here for Mystic Topaz Ring , and Click Here for White Topaz Studs

Random November Fun Facts:

~The birth flower of November is the chrysanthemum

~This month is national peanut butter lovers’ month, national pepper month, and national good health month

~November in the northern hemisphere is similar to May in the southern hemisphere

~In the US and Canada November is “No Shave November” or national beard month

~Celebrity birthdays include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and Miranda Lambert

Also, we are currently running a 20% off promotion through the holidays! Use coupon code “HOLIDAY20” at checkout in our etsy store to take advantage of holiday savings! 

What “Vintage” Means To Me…

My grandparents live on a small cattle farm in Florida. There is a little cobblestone drive that leads to the side of the ranch style, brick house, where the garage is. On Saturday mornings when I was younger, we would go over for some of my Papa’s pancakes. He was a cook in the US Air Force and can make pancakes that are so sweet and cake-like that you can almost feel your teeth rotting. As a kid, these were my absolute favorite! Nanny would make bacon, grits, and eggs to go along with these pancakes. (There is no such thing as a simple, small meal on a farm.) I would watch my Nanny scurry about the kitchen that she had cooked in for over 40 years, it was like a well rehearsed dance. She was always dressed to the nines, even on a Saturday morning at 8am, her ruffle apron covering her blouse. She had a gorgeous wedding ring that would sparkle even when caked with pancake batter and she always had great earrings on. She didn’t believe in having “naked holes” or no earrings. Her hair was short and permed and the perfect style to showcase a pair of statement earrings. She was always so put together and beautiful to me. Even the neighbors who would come by early for coffee before starting their day, knew that Nanny would be up, dressed, and ready to receive them.

On the days that Nanny and Papa went to the flea market to sell old tools and other amazing vintage finds, she would still be decked out it all her jewelry. With her diamonds glistening in the Florida sun, she literally didn’t sweat, she sparkled! She was a believer in being thankful for what you had, enjoying it, and not letting it just sit in a box and collect dust.

I guess you could say that “vintage” is not just a type of jewelry style to me, it’s memories of days passed, it’s the smell of pancakes sitting around a farm table, it’s excellent craftsmanship, and it’s pure elegance. Now that I get to work in a place that has tons of beautiful, nostalgic, well-made vintage pieces, I get obsessed with all the amazing jewelry we have to offer. Our boutique has everything that is precious about the word vintage to me. Each piece has been carefully cleaned and inspected. Each piece is photographed to show its beautiful details. Each piece is ready to be a part of what vintage means to you! I’m sure you will be able to find a piece that brings back some memories of childhood. Or maybe you will find a piece that just speaks to you and you’re ready for it to come home with you and be a part of your kids’ and grandkids’ memories. Each piece is ready to become a keepsake for you and generations to come! Here are a few of my favorites!


A ring like my Nanny’s in our Etsy store… click here to view listing


A right hand ring similar to my Nanny’s…click here to view listing

Diamond earrings that remind me of the antique ones that I loved as a child…click here to view listing


Gorgeous Art Deco vintage watch…click here to view listing

One of my favorite antique brooches…click here to view listing


These RARE Tiffany & Co Diamond Earrings would be my Nanny’s new favs…click here to view listing

One more cluster ring that I love…Click here to view listing

September Birthstone ~ Sapphire

We have reached the start of fall folks!

Have you had your first pumpkin spice latte? (Basic, I know!)

Have you been to your local pumpkin patch yet (in Florida that means your local grocery store has put down some hay and created a faux farm experience for you)?

My favorite things about September are the changing weather, even if very slightly, and SAPPHIRES!

Did you know that sapphires come in all colors and when they reach a certain color of red they are rubies? The most desirable color is probably blue but it is nice to have such a durable stone available in any color you fancy.

One particularly famous blue sapphire is the one that Princess Kate wears as her wedding ring. It was originally from Princess Diana. Sapphires are an excellent choice for an everyday piece such as an engagement ring or wedding ring because of their resilience. They are second only to diamond for their hardness.

Here are some other fun facts about sapphires:

~Sapphire is Greek for Blue

~Sapphire is one of the “precious four” which also includes red ruby, green emerald, and diamonds (that’s a good group to be in association with!)

~ Sapphire has industry use because of its hardness. Apple recently used lab-created sapphire in its glass screen.

~ Sapphire, particularly the royal blue color, has been associated with royalty – hence its name

~ There are even special types of sapphires such as the star sapphire and color change sapphire

Because sapphire has been so desired among the masses, cultured sapphires and imitation sapphires were created. Keep in mind that when created sapphires hit the market, they were viewed as an advancement in sparkling science. Created sapphires make it possible for everyone to enjoy their beauty and not just the royals. Synthetic sapphires feature some synthetic counter parts but virtually the same physical and chemical components as a natural sapphire, they were just assisted in a lab by man to make them “grow”.

Our store features a lot of options for sapphire lovers! Check out a few of these…


Natural Sapphire & Diamond Ring in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

Blog 2.jpg

Synthetic Star Sapphire in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing


Natural Sapphire & Diamond Custom Made Ring in our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing


Vintage Dark Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring in our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

Blog5 .jpg

Sapphire & Diamond Tennis Bracelet in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing blog-5

Princess Kate Inspired Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing