Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

This weekend is the day to celebrate our dads. Whether you are a mom purchasing a sweet token for your infant children to give to their father, giving to your grandfather, or on a budget… we have you covered with this gift giving guide. You can even shop directly from our blog to our favorite Etsy stores by clicking on the corresponding links provided with each gift. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads, granddads, and single moms out there and thank you for being your kids’ first hero!


Gifts Under $25

  • Personalized hammer for the handy dad (click here to shop)hammer.jpg
  • Personalized grill utensils for the chef dad (click here to shop)grill
  • Star Wars dad mug (click here to shop)star wars
  • Hand stamped fishing lure for the fisherman (click here to shop)fish
  • Custom money clip (click here to shop)money clip


Gifts For Grandfathers

  • Grandpa mug for the coffee loving papa (click here to shop)papa mug
  • Grandpa ice cream spoon for the sweet tooth grandpa (click here to shop)spoon
  • Antique pocket watch for the grandpa that loves collectibles (click here to shop)watch.jpg
  • Personalized golf balls for the new grandfather (click here to shop)golf balls


Unique Gifts for Dad

  • Personalized docking station for the organized dad (click here to shop)dock station
  • A sleek glass photo frame for a new dad’s office desk (click here to shop)dad framw.jpg
  • Homemade grilling sauces (click here to shop)sauces.jpg
  • Gold chain necklace for a lifelong keepsake (click here to shop)chain.jpg
  • Book folded to read “DAD” gift for the artsy dad (click here to shop)Art


Gifts to Single Moms

  • “Pulling double duty” t-shirt (click here to shop)mom 3.jpg
  • Cute mug for the caffeine fueled super mom (click here and here to shop)
  • Lovely jewelry with a heart to let your mom know that she is/will always be the first holder of your heart (click here to shop)

Memorial Gifts for Dad’s that have gone to heaven

  • Keepsake pendant (click here to shop)necklace
  • A memorial picture with your beloved dad’s or granddad’s actual handwriting (click here to shop)handwriting


First Time New Dad Gifts

  • Custom drawing of daddy and baby (click here to shop)drawing
  • Engrave-able ID bracelet with baby’s birthday/weight (click here to shop)bracelet
  • Papa bear gift box set (click here to shop)Papa Bear.jpg


Thank you so much for reading and supporting Etsy stores. Happy Father’s Day!



Father’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas


1) Watches


If you are like me, you may not know that men love watches. If you have a man in your life, you will probably notice that he wears at least one watch every day. He may actually use this watch to tell the time while on the job, he may have a TomTom watch (Click Here  – to see a TomTom watch for sale at one of our other online stores) that he uses to track his runs, or he may wear a watch as a statement piece. But what most people don’t realize is that men just love timepieces. The intricate mechanics, the gears and circuits, used to make a watch appeal to the classical view of the world that men see. Women tend to have a more romantic view of the world and see the flashy accessory itself and not the workings of what makes the watch “tick.” For this reason, a pocket watch, retro watch, or even a dress watch is an excellent idea for a gift. You can also incorporate the year of the watch into the gift idea. Think of a child’s birth year or a specific date that would create a special memory. Or, you could have the back of the case engraved.


Pocketwatch in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing


2) Chains or Necklaces


A necklace may already be in your man’s wardrobe but if not, this is a no brainer. A chain is a minimal yet still valuable investment type of gift. Men will appreciate a gold or silver chain not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for the value of the noble metal that is was crafted from. A rope or Figaro chain is a safe option for guys that just want something sturdy and strong to wear every day. If your guy is open to more of a trendy piece that can still meet the challenge of every day wear, you might want to spring for a nautical theme “mariner” or “Cuban” link chain that is a little more unique.

Rope necklace

Rope Chain in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

3) Charms


Let’s say that the man in your life already has his favorite chain that he wears every day and he isn’t opposed to wearing jewelry. You could add a sentimental charm to his necklace. When I say “sentimental” you can choose any number of different avenues to go down. If he loves to fish how about a fish charm or anchor charm. If he loves the outdoors and hunting, maybe a deer head or gun charm. Also, an initial charm with his last name is a good option too; this celebrates the legacy of his family heritage. If you are celebrating a father’s first Father’s Day, think about birthstones or an iconic symbol that will resonate with him.


Fish Charm in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

4) Bracelets


Last year may have been the year of the necklace or charm, why not think about a matching bracelet. Just because our men folk are manly doesn’t mean that they don’t like symmetry and matching things. A bracelet with a lobster clasp is a safe option for a guy so that he can wear and enjoy his bracelet without fear of losing it. Most chunky links like the Figaro are soldered at each link, so this piece will stand the test of time and will also have the noble metal value.


Rope Bracelet in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing


5) Rings


From years and years of talking with men and helping them pick out rings for themselves, there is a common trend in what they look for. Men like artisan designs, stellar craftsmanship, and something unique. So take that to heart and do not worry so much about the actual size of the ring, jewelers can always resize it after you have presented the gift. If you want to add a stone accent, keep in mind that diamond is the hardest mineral known to man. Sapphires then follow as being a durable stone choice to be worn on the hand every day.


Men’s Ring in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

Whatever gift you choose, your husband, father, step father, or grandfather will feel special. Father’s Day is a celebration of all that dads are. They are our conquering heroes, our most loyal fans, our devoted friends, our dedicated coaches, and so much more. If you need any help selecting a gift option from our store please do not hesitate to message us, we would love to help. Use the coupon code “LOVEDAD20” at checkout to receive 20% off your gift purchase. (expires 6/20/16) Happy Father’s Day!