Date Night Jewelry

Long August days are packed with busy busyness. Sometimes in the midst of our crazy lives as business women, moms, students, young professionals we get to have a romantic date night with our special someone. Date night can be just throwing on some jeans and going to the local pizza place or putting on that special boutique dress you’ve been saving for a while and going to the new hipster place downtown. No matter the venue or your attire, you want it to be special. Some ladies like myself love to go “all out” on some occasions. Life seems to speed by weeks at a time and I find that I have worn the same things over and over or have managed to wear workout clothes day in and day out. So when I do get the chance (and have advance notice) I like to really knock my hubby’s socks off with a new outfit, pretty makeup complete with my long “false-ies” aka eyelashes, freshly washed & curled hair, and some kind of eye-candy jewelry to complete my whole look.

I want to give you a couple of my go-to favorites for date night jewelry. You can shop these looks and others in our Etsy store.

1) Chandelier Earrings

Nothing compliments big, freshly curled hair like a pair of bold earrings that can hold their own with your hair down. These chandeliers have a long, cascading shape to elongate your neck and draw attention to your beautiful hair and fresh face. These are sparkling from every angle with an overall polished finish and natural diamonds accents. Diamonds always look better in candlelight, or natural light, or fluorescent lights, or ANY light for that matter!!!

Blog ER pic

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2) Layered Necklaces

I love the look of one sparkling, dainty, little choker necklace accompanied by a longer light-catching link chain. Both together add interest and character to a simple black dress or white tee shirt and jeans. Both are very versatile even for your everyday wear.

Blog NK 1

Dainty Gold Necklace in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

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3) Lavalier or Statement Necklace

A lavalier is a term used for a delicate drop pendant. These are effortlessly feminine and romantic. This one has a flash of color to it. Garnets are a dark but lively gemstone that complement a wide range of wardrobe choices. A statement necklace makes a statement, whether that is a bold pop of color or an eye-catching bling. Statement necklaces are a perfect accessory to add to a simple outfit that you want to take to that next “WOW” level.


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statement nk

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4) Gold Bracelets

Gold Bracelets are very in style right now…well really gold anything. Gold is the perfect metal to wear this time of year too. You have worked for months on your tan and gold will make it look deeper and bronzer. A gold bracelet, either simple or chunky, will add a classy touch to your casual or dressy attire.

Gold BR.jpg

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5) Cluster Rings

Cluster rings have a bit of a Retro vibe but I am in love with them. A cluster ring can have a floral or leaf type of motif that adds a time-honored classic feel to any date night outfit. Wear them on your ring finger, middle finger or pointer finger. Just wear them! I think you will find yourself falling for the all over diamond, starburst effect.


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Cluster Ring in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing

Happy Friday and enjoy your date night if you have one planned. If not, plan one for next weekend and pick out a piece from our store and we will get it to you in time to shine! In closing, just make every day special for yourself and the one you love. Life like jewelry should be enjoyed! Cheers!

June’s Birthstone ~ Pearl

Pearls are one of June’s claimed birthstones. Unlike other birthstones that come from minerals, pearls are organic and created from living beings. This special miracle of Mother-nature starts inside a mussel or oyster. When an irritant lodges itself inside the shell, there is a calcium carbonate build up along with other proteins that form around the irritant creating the pearl. Natural pearls are found all over the world including places like Australia, Japan, Central America, the Persian Gulf, off the coast of Madagascar, Burma, the Philippines, Tahiti, Fiji, and South America. Natural river pearls are found in Asia, Europe, and North America. Natural pearls are rare and expensive thus cultured pearls have become popular as a way to supply the demand for the luxurious beauties.  Cultured pearls are formed when humans assist the process by placing the irritant directly inside the shell. These different types of developments both result in a pearl. Another way to think about it is getting ice from your freezer or getting ice from an iceberg in Antarctica. Ice is ice. Both processes whether natural or helped along by man, produces the luster of a shiny pearl that does not need to be cut or polished. Interestingly enough, one easy way of determining if a pearl is genuine or imitation is to gently rub it against your teeth. If you feel a gritty type of texture, you have a real pearl on your hands. A smooth texture will mean that you have an imitation pearl. Pearls are a recognized status symbol of glamour. From being a primary feature in films such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to being a classic accessory to be worn on brides, pearls have and will always be in style. The other beautiful attribute of pearls is that they look flattering on every skin tone. Pearl earrings are considered classy in the business world and in the romantic world. A pearl strand necklace is the perfect gift for a graduate starting at the ground floor of building their dreams and is also the perfect gift for a mother celebrating her 60th birthday. A pearl ring, although delicate and fragile, would be a prized possession for a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day or for a grandmother on Mother’s Day. So even if you are not one of the lucky ones celebrating a birthday this month, you can still adorn yourself with one of nature’s prized natural wonders. To help you start your pearl collection we are offering 20% on pearl jewelry this month on our Etsy site. Just use “APPRECIATION20” at checkout to receive your discount.

Pearl Ring

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Pearl Er

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Pearl Necklace

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Pearl Ring 2

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My Summertime Jewelry Essentials:

1) Diamond Stud Earrings

I cannot preach this enough! Diamond Studs with screw backs are the perfect travel companion. You can sleep in them, wear them to the beach, they glisten beautifully at night, and their sparkle will go with every outfit. The beauty of the screw backs is that once they are on you can be care free knowing that those babies will not come off. Also, when you’re on the beach with your hair blowing wildly in the breeze, diamond studs will not get tangled up like long dangle earrings.


Diamond Stud Screw Back Earrings in Our Etsy Store  Click Here to View Listing

2) Sea Shell Pendant

I will live the whole summer happily wearing my sea shell pendant. This little pendant can be worn alone on a simple gold chain with all of your summer attire or it can even be layered with longer necklaces or a real shell strand for a “beach bum” boho look. Don’t leave town without it!


Gold Sea Shell Pendant in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing
3) Gold Sea Shell Bracelet
This is another favorite of mine! This gold bracelet will dress up your night time cruise dinner or your hot date night out at the roof top bar in Clearwater Beach. Also, the luxurious yellow gold really stands out and compliments tan skin.


Gold Shell Tennis Bracelet in Our Etsy Store Click Here to View Listing
4) Blue Gemstone Ring
Sapphire, blue topaz or turquoise is what I am thinking. Any color of blue that the ocean has is a summer essential in your jewelry wardrobe. The color blue symbolizes tranquility, peace, coolness and serenity. Yes please, I need all of that on my summer vacay.


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5) Ankle Bracelets
Also known as anklets, ankle bracelets have been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Whether it is an organic shell anklet, cord anklet or a stunning gold one, this is a must have for sure. With shorts or with dresses, you will love the attention that your beautiful tan legs get with a little “ankle candy.” Don’t forget your toe ring too if you are feeling extra sassy.


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These are my summer must haves for jewelry. Easy to wear, low maintenance, and ready for a long summer day. Also don’t forget your sunscreen and free spirit!
Sending sunny coastal happiness to you from Florida,
Oaks Boutique