Never Going Out of Style

I’ve compiled some classic favorites that will never go out of style. Some things I think we can all agree on; some are just my own personal “ride or die”. I would love to hear from you, so let me know if you have something (no matter how random) that will never go out of style.


1)      Kindness/Love

I will say first off, that a smile will never go out of style either. A smile is the most basic universal sign language and will go a long way no matter where you are. Psychologist William James said that a smile could actually make you happier (I’m paraphrasing). This could possibly help trigger your desire to show love and kindness to others. Kindness, love, a smile ~ these things are always in style and can change the world.


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2)      Chicken Noodle Soup

I know this one isn’t as profound as kindness or love but we all know that chicken noodle soup is not only good for a cold but for the soul. I’m pretty sure there are books out there on this topic :o)

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3)      Grilled Cheese

While we are on the food train, I have to mention my go-to Sunday night favorite. Grilled cheese and tomato soup will always be in style. They may be the red lipstick or little black dress of easy meals.

Grilled Cheese.jpg

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4)      Little Black Dress (LBD)

You know there cannot be a classics list or “never out of style” list without the LBD. Centuries ago even up to today, check your Pinterest, LBD’s are here to stay! (yes, that did rhyme!)


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5)      Diamond Stud Earrings

I feel like I am always mentioning these in my blogs. Diamond studs are my “ride or die”. (Someone please tell my hubby that I need a bigger pair!!!). They just go with everything, they are suitable for any occasion, they are the perfect gift for any occasion. They are just perfect!


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6)      Solitaire Engagement Ring

I tend to get stuck in a trend (that’s a pun!) of grouping like items together. The round diamond solitaire engagement ring is a classic and will forever be present in our jewelry marketplace. Tiffany & Co started this with their six prong classic many, many moons ago. It is here to stay folks!


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7)      Brooches

Yes, I’m still on the jewelry train. This one may get some disagreements but I am sticking with my guns. Brooches are so classy, so versatile, they just have to be always in style for this girl! If you think I’m off my rocker check out this article about different ways to wear a brooch…you might just fall in love with them too!


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8)      Big Red Barns

This is a random one but check out these photos and tell me otherwise that this look will not always be glorious!

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9)      White T-shirt & Jeans

Forever in style! No matter what generation, no matter what shoes or accessories, this outfit will always be an easy classic. Put a white shirt with colored jeans, layer a long sweater over the tee, boots or heels, boyfriend jeans or skinnies, this look has it all covered!

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10)   Reading a good book

Reading will never be out (especially reading my blog :o) . My dad always said “readers are leaders”. Here is my favorite childhood book and grown up book. I’m also including a 2016 reading challenge book list for my fellow book worms out there.


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So this list is getting a little long but if you want to see more of my list, head over to our Pinterest (Click Here) . Thank you so much for reading!