My husband and I have moved four times in the last four years of marriage…with another move impending. Some of those moves were planned, others happened within a matter of weeks. Usually when people visit our house the first thing they notice is how we decorate. We get comments on how everything looks like we have lived there for years (in a good way). I believe in growing where you are planted. You shouldn’t keep all your pretties in a box until you get to your forever home. You should enjoy your “nest”. My husband and I have an eclectic style. We like color. We like complimenting items that are a mix of new and old. So I wanted to compile a little list of my tricks to bring a little eclectic style to your life.


1) Usually it starts with a rug.

I have several large area rugs from different places. Most have a bright splash of color. I tend to gravitate towards blues and greens. Here are a few examples of rugs setting the stage for a statement room.

Photo Credits: and


2) Make a wall or shelf collage of similar items.

I can’t claim this idea as my own. I grew up in an old house that was actually two military officers’ quarters put together from Camp Blanding in Florida. Then my dad added on a sunroom and beautiful screened in porch. My dad, grandma, and aunts were artists and thus we had a lot of art to hang. Our living room wall was covered from ceiling to almost floor of a huge art wall collage. Nothing was matching, nothing really had a theme except everything was unique and colorful. My grandmother also has a take on this theme in their farmhouse. She has a large, wood, floor-to-ceiling, shelving unit that houses nothing but glassware. Here’s a few examples to get you inspired…


Photo Credits:, and


3) Mix different patterns.

I love stripes and florals together or an interesting textile with a geometric pattern and then add in a watercolor print rug. Mixing textures and patterns instantly gives a space interest and a unique stamp to make your home your own.


Photo Credits: and


4) Mixing jewel tones.

I do this number in both my home décor and in fashion including jewelry. I like to find pieces that have a similar feel but different rich jewel tones. Check out these two lovely antique rings.

Click Here for the Blue Ring and Here for the Purple Ring


5) Setting a mixed match table.

So my grandmother who collects the glassware also has an obsession with the flea market. She finds all kinds of treasures, some of which I get from my birthday and Christmas. Not all my plates match. Some are new, some are antique, some are fine china, and some are Depression glass. I actually like mixing together a little of everything when I set a table.


Table 1.jpg

Photo Credit:


6) Eclectic personal style.

My fashion spirit animal is Zooey Deschanel. She is the epitome of refined, unique, eclectic style. She takes all my passions of mixing colors, textures, patterns and somehow manages to pull off an effortless, put together, everyday look. Check out my favorite Zooey looks.



Well I hope these little pointers give you a little colorful inspiration for this Friday. Keep on developing your personal style and keep in mind that everything goes together if YOU want it to!

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