Gifts and Accessories Under $100

Happy Black Friday! Did you wake up to an alarm at 3am or did you choose to just fight a crowd at 7am? I’m not sure if droves and droves of people really do the whole Black Friday “spend-the-night-in-the-parking-lot” type of craziness anymore. I even read that some retailers are just opening an hour earlier and that is it. I’m good with that. I like my sleep and have never really gotten into the whole madness of a one-and-done Friday after Thanksgiving shopping day. The only time I have been Black Friday shopping was with my mom one year, after dark, around 7pm. We went to JCPenney. The sales associates were restocking the racks, shelves, and displays for the next day. The same deals were going on and the store was empty. My mom and I took our time, browsed around at our leisure, and walked out with some amazing deals.

I am more of a cyber Monday shopper. Maybe because I like the idea of sitting in my California king bed, with a big cup of coffee, listening to CMT music, cuddled up with my dogs, and my laptop. I also love to shop with small boutique shops and have really found myself shying away from regular mega retailers. Supporting a small business online or buying from a stay-at-home mom designer makes me tick. The first place I look for gifts in on Etsy. It is just a whole world of regular people just wanting to showcase their talents or found treasures. I love the personal touches and feeling like I am a valued customer and not just another number. Maybe that is because I work for an Etsy store and we care about each individual customer. We have established relationships with folks all around the globe. We are part of special engagements, gift wrap keepsakes for surprise birthday presents, and even have return customers that we get to know personally over the years. We value our customers, each and every one. Our goal is to make each sale special!

This week I wanted to compile a list of a few gems that I have found under $100 on Etsy. These would make lovely gifts for a loved one or just a unique keepsake for yourself. I hope you find this helpful and keep in mind that Etsy is filled with one of a kind stores that are ready to help you find something amazing!

I will start with a few items from our boutique. Jewelry (like Paris) is always a good idea:

This lovely necklace is only $79! Click Here to view the listing.

Christimas ER.jpg

These Christmas inspired earrings are $99. Click Here to view the listing.

These lovely diamond studs are $99. Click Here to view the listing.

Scarves are my favorite winter time accessory. Check out some of these:


Click Here to view the listing.

Click Here to view the listing.

scarf 4.jpg

 Click Here to view the listing.

Personalized items are very popular this year and they make the gift receiver feel special.


Click Here to view the listing.


Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Here are a few options for hostess gifts if you are wanting to give something to a family member that is hosting Christmas this year.

dish towel.jpg

Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Click Here to view listing.

Another gift-able idea is a DIY gift craft set. This would be perfect for a family with kids or maybe a teenager who is really into design or crafty things.


Click Here to view listing.

DIY 2.jpg

Click Here to view listing.


Click Here to view listing.

Lastly, we don’t want to leave out our beloved men folk. Here are a few Etsy finds for them as well…(he’s actually won’t be that hard to shop for)

Click Here to view listing.

Guy gift.jpg

Click Here to view listing.

 Click Here to view listing.

I hope this helps open your shopping spectrum to online boutiques on Etsy. If you have a shop and want to be featured on our blog please let us know! We would love to help out a fellow designer or store owner. Happy Shopping Friends!

Thanksgiving Memories


We are just one week away folks! It is amazing how fast this time of year goes by. I try to make myself slow down and appreciate this Thanksgiving holiday before just jumping straight to the Christmas hustle and bustle. Thanksgiving is a time when we gather with friends or family and we count our blessings. It can also be a difficult time of year for some. Whether this is your first Thanksgiving without a certain loved one, or it is just hard to think of anything to be thankful for, I hope that these little stories/memories of mine will make you smile or laugh. Here are a few of my Thanksgiving memories…


Childhood memories:


My grandparents on my mom’s side have a farm in north central Florida. I am a fifth generation Floridian (did you even know such a thing existed?). My little family of four would always go to my grandparents for Thanksgiving. The drive out to the farm is pretty memorable just in itself. You go from lots of traffic lights, to one or two stop signs, to just open road. My grandmother would stay awake all night before Thanksgiving doing all the cooking herself in her double wall ovens. And she could put on quite a spread. We are talking a huge turkey (sometime a ham too), dressing, gravy (giblet gravy), macaroni & cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, potato salad, deviled eggs (which my brother would eat about half a dozen of before dinner was served), congealed salad (not my favorite but it is pretty), pecan pie, pumpkin pie, spinach dip, and I’m sure I’m missing some things. The big round farm table would be crowded. We would all gather around and my country grandpa, all 5’3” of his small but mighty self, would ask the blessing. (Side note: My grandfather never went to college even though he worked as an electrician at the University of Florida for over 30 years. He liked to joke that he went to UF for 30 years and never got a degree.) He would bow his head, close his eyes, and let loose the most epic prayer. All in old English dialect that would make King James himself smile. It would start, “Bless thou this food that we are about to partake…” and I can’t even replicate the rest because I am not fluent in that language but it was beautiful.

Here are a few photos of farm life on the Phillips ranch. This is also one of the few photos of my grandpa, he does not like his picture taken…




Guam memories:


I lived overseas in Guam for a few years in my twenties. There were a few families that would gather for a “Friendsgiving” on the naval base. I had never really cooked anything in my whole life. What I didn’t tell you about my grandmother is that she didn’t want anyone to know her recipes or even be in her kitchen while she was cooking. So I had no idea how to do anything. And this was before Pinterest. I volunteered to make green bean casserole for the dinner. I went to the commissary and got the ingredients off the back of the French fried onion package. I was worried because it only calls for like 4 things and that couldn’t be right. But I made it anyway and it was delicious! I was a star with my other 20 something friends and I thought it was a Thanksgiving miracle!

Here is a more recent green bean casserole that is my go to favorite now (even though the four ingredient number will still get the job done!)

Green Bean Casserole.jpg

Click Here For Recipe


Adult memories:


Since being married, we go to my husband’s family’s home for Thanksgiving lunch. They have a huge family and it is just an amazing setting. What you would picture in a magazine. Lots of kids running around, football playing in the background, chilly weather (they live in Indiana) and just all the amazing family feels that you want around this holiday. My dog that I got in Guam has been my companion for over a decade and she is included in most everything I do. She is a golden retriever and is the sweetest thing since southern sweet tea. I brought her along one year. My husband’s dad wanted to give her a treat and to my shocking surprise it was the ham bone. This thing was huge and my dog had never had such a thing before (I know I have made her prissy). Well he put her on the porch with that thing and about an hour later I went to get her and the whole ham bone was GONE! Is that possible? How? To this day, I just tell myself that it is buried somewhere in the backyard.

Here is a photo of my sweetheart, Ali.



These are just silly small snippets of memories that are special to me. I try to make every day count, every memory special even if it’s a little ridiculous. Make this Thanksgiving yours to be thankful for wherever you are in life. This is just a season, it can be a wonderful season or a difficult one but keep in mind that the seasons always change. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Feeling Patriotic

Today, November 11th, I just have an overwhelming feeling of pride for my country. Not in the way you would automatically assume given the recent shocking election only a few days ago, but more so because of what this day stands for and has always stood for. Today is Veteran’s Day. Today is about the men and women who said, “when you go home tell them of us, we gave our today so they could enjoy a tomorrow”. A tomorrow that could be filled with hope. As fellow Americans, we may not have all gotten what we wanted a few days ago, but we can all respect the men and women who made it possible for us to even have an opinion. I am proud of my country’s colors. I respect our government. I am forever grateful for the veterans who served our beloved country.


So first I want to give a tribute to Veteran’s Day. Being a daughter of a veteran who also attended the military funeral for my father, I watched in awe of the folding of the flag before it was handed to my mom. The military has so much honor and meaning behind everything they do. I found this explanation of the flag folds and wanted to share…



Click Here to Read about the rest of the 13 folds….


On to a more light-hearted observation, I just love the look of red, white, and blue together. These three colors radiate tradition, strength, and just a complementary array of color tones. I find myself wearing these primary colors without even noticing it. This scarf is one that I wear all through the fall and winter, and for some reason I just always love the way it looks on me.



Click Here to purchase one.


Also, without even thinking I put on this shirt today! Loving it! Plaid everything for fall and winter!




Even in the gemstone world, red, white, and blue, are represented by precious gemstones. Red for ruby, blue for sapphire, and of course, white for diamond, these gems are among the most sought after in the whole world. Check out a few of these beauties…



Click Here to View the Listing for this ring.


Click Here to View the Listing for this ring.


Also, here are a few inspiring quotes for some of our country’s greats:




I hope you remember and take the time to thank a veteran today. Remember that it is because of them that you have the freedom to speak out when you are not happy, to post political views openly, to vote for your choice, and ultimately be able to live in the land of the free and home of the brave!


November Birthstone ~ Citrine & Topaz

November is a little bit of a unique month. It technically has two different birthstones. Citrine is the main birthstone, the one that most November babies claim as theirs when asked. Citrine is a gemstone that can come in many shades of “yellow”, from lemon yellow to amber brown. It is a hard to go absolutely wild about this stone if yellow is not your jam. But, it has a rich history dating it back to Roman times where they hailed it as a sunstone that channeled Mercury’s fiery power and was thought to bring wealth and success. I believe that the color of citrine can resemble the leaves of the mid-west fall. It might not be your favorite gemstone, but the color radiates warmth to counteract the chills starting to form in late fall air.

Photo Credit of Citrine:

Click Here to View Listing of Citrine Ring

The other gemstone that is associated with November is topaz. Technically speaking, imperial topaz (yellowish-orange to reddish-orange) is the most expensive form of topaz and the one that is associated with November. It’s funny that many often mistake topaz for citrine. But, topaz can be treated to come in a variety of different colors. Blue topaz is often one of the most recognized colors of topaz. It rarely occurs naturally and in most cases has been treated with some form of irradiation to make its depths reflect blue. It can come in cool shades of baby blue, Swiss blue, electric blue, and even almost white blue. Blue topaz can often be mistaken for aquamarine or blue zircon and these three stones get confused with being December’s birthstone but we will get to the next month.


Photo Credit:

November really gives you the option to choose warm, sunny citrine or imperial topaz as your gem or if you like cooler tones you have blue, pink, white topaz.  These two gemstones are relatively durable and affordable. When you come across a piece that you love, you can virtually wear it all the time and the price tag won’t leave you destitute for your birthday. Check out a few of my favorites…

Topaz Choices : Click Here to View Listing of Blue Topaz Ring , Click Here for Mystic Topaz Ring , and Click Here for White Topaz Studs

Random November Fun Facts:

~The birth flower of November is the chrysanthemum

~This month is national peanut butter lovers’ month, national pepper month, and national good health month

~November in the northern hemisphere is similar to May in the southern hemisphere

~In the US and Canada November is “No Shave November” or national beard month

~Celebrity birthdays include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling, and Miranda Lambert

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