October Birthstone ~ Opal

My favorite month is upon us and with it brings one of nature’s most glorious gemstones that has a “play of color” phenomenon effect! I’m referring to opals!


Photo Credit: http://mineralia.tumblr.com/post/96719262954/themagicfarawayttree-beautiful-purple-and-blue

Opals are a freak of nature, literally. The “play of color” I mentioned earlier is what happens when light hits an opal and a colorful display of iridescent hues radiate from its core. This amazing occurrence leaves most of us mesmerized and wanting more. That is why some opals have a higher price tag than some diamonds.

opals 3.jpg

Photo Credit: http://www.kalledjewelrystudio.com

You have probably heard that opals are very fragile and can’t be enjoyed or worn often. Opals are delicate, but not as susceptible to breaking as you may think. They have about the same fragility as glass. So when you wear your prized opals just remember this comparison. Wearing them in earrings or in a necklace are a safe way to be able to enjoy them daily.


90% of opals are found in Australia. But, thankfully, you don’t have to endure a 21-hour flight to get your birthstone or your favorite colorful miracle stone. Check out a few of these treasures…

Click Here to View Listing for Earrings    Click Here to View Listing for Pendant

There are many, many different kinds of opals: black opal, jelly opal, agate opal, angel skin opal, white opal… just to name a few.


Photo Credit: http://www.geologyin.com/2016/06/types-of-opal-with-photos.html

Opals are just so easy to love! Happy Birthday October babies and lucky you for having such a celebrated birthstone. :o)

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