Jewelry ~ Olympic Edition

Joining millions of Americans across the country, I have been glued to my television the last few weeks. The gold metals, the individual stories, the physical battles, the heros, the controversy, the showmanship, the inspiring moments, the heartbreaking moments, the Olympics really have it all. Track & Field and Volleyball are my favorites this go around. Running is inspirational to me. Deep down inside I feel like every one has an innate gift to run. You may run like a pack of turtles through peanut butter but all of us can run. I just love watching the athletes put every trained muscle to work while striving for that finish line. I cheer for many different individuals based on their personal testimonies, or their story of triumph over adversity just to get to the Games. I also cheer for the ones that have personality that you just can’t help loving. I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed that the track and field stars sure are blinged out this year. The ladies have their nails done, their hair looking great, lipstick, and then there are the flashes of gold jewelry everywhere. Even the volleyball ladies have multiple rings on, layered chains, meaningful charms and earrings. Plus, I’m not sure if you could really see him (because he is never standing still and he’s a blur when he runs unless you’re watching a playback in slow motion) but Usain Bolt even had a gold ring on his middle finger.

For today I would like to point out a few jewelry inspirations from our favorite Olympic athletes.

1) The Rope Chain

This chain is universal and has been seen on many athletes. This particular link is mega strong and sturdy. It has been around for decades and is a wide spread favorite among men and women alike. The intricate link has a way of catching the light and looks great worn alone. But, because of its excellent craftsmanship, this link can also handle a charm if you had something special you wanted to wear close to your heart. Wearing one a little longer so that it can be tucked in, out of your way, if you are a runner or a mom is a good idea to steal from our Olympic heros. All around its a keeper and I’m sure we will see this chain around for many many years after these Olympics.


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2) Gold Band

(Disclaimer: If you work with your hands, rings can be dangerous to wear) I have seen quite a few rings on the track. Keep in mind that runners don’t really have to worry about jamming a finger or getting the ring stuck in anything so they are relatively safe. Gold bands are low to the finger and will not snag on clothes plus with a band that has an inside round comfort fit, it won’t bug you while you’re running a marathon or running late to work. A great low maintenance accessory!


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3) Stud Earrings

Again, it really depends on the sport but many runners don’t have to worry about their earrings getting in the way of their best performance. Stud earrings are even great for us mere mortals that don’t run like heavenly beings. Studs keep low to your earlobes and won’t get tangled in your hair. Also, depending on the style they can even be comfortable enough to keep on while you sleep so you can rush to the gym or to the dentist while still looking sparkly.


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4) Link Bracelets

Like the rope necklace, bracelets have been seen on athletes that don’t have to use their hands. Any variation of the rope, anchor, or figaro link is going to hold up and be sturdy to wear all day, everyday.


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5) Watches

Many athletes are wearing TomTom or Garmin watches to keep track of timing and distance, etc. But there is the occasional gold Rolex making a cameo appearance in the big arena. Rolex can handle the job. Although they are a luxury watch, they were originally made for mariners and will stand the test of time. Vintage Rolexes are making a come back because of their resiliency and time-honored look. Our store has quite a selection so if you don’t see what you are looking for on our Etsy site, please message us directly and we would be glad to help you find one.


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Enjoy the games and keep an eye out for more GOLD!

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