Chains, Chains, Chains for Days

There are so many different kinds of chains out there. From the ones that you know by sight but don’t know the name of, to the ones that have always been a front runner of fashion, chains are here to stay. Necklaces or chains have been worn to enhance your natural beauty with something sparkly or to denote your economic position. These accessories worn around the neck or wrist have so many choices, and each one has personality that can fit yours. Below, we examine the most common chains, and maybe even some you didn’t know about.


Well this one speaks for itself. The rope chain looks just like a rope. Consisting of cords twisted together to form a super strong, durable link, the rope chain has been around in hip hop for decades and is seen in many different thicknesses and lengths. Also, there is a diamond cut rope that has a bit of sparkle for a more feminine look. Rope chains are usually the “go to” chain to wear pendants on since they are ultra strong and will stand the test of time. There are hollow rope chains and solid ones. Obviously the solid ones are going to extremely durable, but the price tag will also be hefty if it is made of gold. But even if the rope chain that you have is hollow, it can still carry its weight.


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Ahhh, the figaro. You know you have seen this one, especially if you are a mid-80’s baby like myself. These necklaces were huge in the 1990s and have never really left. Men will gravitate to this link because it is more modern than the rope and has a sleek alternating pattern to it. This is also a very sturdy chain since most of the time each individual link is soldered. It can hold pendants and will even look good worn alone.


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This chain has a flat, polished look to it. It also has a nautical theme, hence the name. This one has a bit more flare to it than the figaro chain. The mariner link chain is often worn just as a chain without a pendant since it usually is chosen in a wider link. Also, a small millimeter size on this chain can be a great choice for a lady. Because of its polished flat links, it catches the light as you move.


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The anchor chain does not look like an anchor and is often mistaken for the mariner chain. It looks very similar but the links are not flat, they have more of a “puffiness” to them. It has the look of the chain that you might actually see in a shipyard. Very nautical and fun, this one can be worn alone for a minimal look or can support a pendant if you choose.


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This one will definitely be recognizable to you 80s babies. Herringbone chains were a must have during those days. Keep in mind that all those 80s fashions are starting to peak back into style. With the herringbone chain you just have to always store it flat, not wear a pendant on it, and not sleep in it. If you do, you will end up with the twisted, stretched look that doesn’t look good on anyone. The polished, smoothness of the herringbone can resemble that of an omega collar. This makes the herringbone still sleek and modern in my book.


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This one is my personal favorite! The box chain looks great with most pendants and has a very understated appearance that will not take away from the design of your charm. With four polished sides of each individual link, the box chain catches the light nicely when worn. Also, for girls, the box will not get caught in your hair or tangle up. A very good choice!


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Very classy! The cable link is probably the most basic as far as chains go. With just a circle (or oval) link soldered to another, you wouldn’t think that this chain would be much to look at. But…this one has a very sophisticated look to it whether worn alone or worn with a pendant. The rolo link is very similar but has a little bit chunkier individual links.


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This one is very unique. It almost appears to have an “S” pattern printed on the flat profile of the link. This one, like the herringbone, can get twisted up easily so just be carful if you choose to put a pendant on it. Maybe opt for a lightweight charm to be safe.


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Another one that is a go-to for me. This rounded, smooth, snake-like (for lack of a better descriptive word) link can compliment a wide array of different pendant choices. From a jeweler’s perspective this one can easily get stretched out so be careful about the weight of the piece you choose. This one can also kink up if not stored properly. Try to keep it flat and not hang it on a hook.


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This one reminds me of my brother. He used to wear a sterling silver curb chain when we were teenagers. This one is a widespread favorite among men because of its masculine and sturdy appearance. To me, it has a very classic and industrial look to it.


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Woven, intricate, and luxurious is what I think of with a wheat chain. This chain has a gorgeous design to it that gives off an internally textured appearance. The wheat chain can stand alone by itself easily and is strong enough to support a pendant. Make sure the pendant doesn’t get lost in the shadows of this amazing chain though.


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I have seen this chain worn a lot by itself on ladies. It has a delicate, dainty, sparkly look to it that is very eye-catching. It does have a twist to the link that can get kinked so be careful with charms.


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I hope this gives you a broad overview of chains. There are many variations of these that have different finishes or dimensions. We have most of these stocked up in our Etsy store and if not, we can happily find one for you. Be sure to take advantage of 20% off your chain purchase with the coupon code APPRECIATION20. Thank you so much for reading and if I have missed any please feel free to comment below.

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